Tartan Ten Ratty

Montrose Harbor

Chicago, Illinois

RATTY is berthed in Montrose Harbor, Chicago, Illinois. We typically race in Wednesday night races with the Tartan 10 class. There are usually six to twelve T-10s and about 40 - 50 other boats, starting in different "sections." We also race in weekend club races, weekend Area III races and port to port races, often depending on crew availability. Racing is a team sport, but we have to have a full team.

We sail out of CCYC's Montrose Harbor (4400 North) getting together for the Wednesday night races hopefully about 17:30 and leaving about 18:00 or so. The actual start, before September, is about 19:00, (Jib and Main) or 19:10 (T-10 Class) but we need time to get to the start.

Weekend and port to port races have their own unique scheduling requirements. For example CCYC has Saturday or Sunday afternoon races and monthly Friday night "Moonlight" races. Area III races require getting out in the morning and typically include two or three races in a day. Port to port races include morning starts to Waukegan and Mackinac and evening starts for Michigan City and the Bi-state race.

The Street address of the Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club is 601 West Montrose Ave.

If you are interested in finding out more about the club, you can see the CCYC Web Site. The club has Visitors Information).

There's parking on-street if you drive and a public pay lot. You'll need to leave on-street parking about 11:00 pm when the cops close the park. It's complicated.

If you bicycle, bring a lock. You can lock your bike to the fence near the club, or at the dock, unless there are complaints. There is also a Divvy Bike drop off nearby.

Public transporation is an option. The "Howard EL", now known as the Red Line, stops at Wilson and Broadway. It's a good walk, but I've done it a number of times. There's a Montrose bus that goes at least as far as Marine Drive, and maybe all the way into the park depending on the "beach" schedule. Get a ride after the race. Walking through Uptown late at night could be more adventurous than pleasant.

If you're taking a train to/from the 'burbs, we can probably figure out a way for you to get back downtown. Pay attention to your schedule, though, as the trains are fewer and farther between after rush hour. It's probably best to figure you'll need a train around 10:00 to give you enough flexibility to get a bite to eat and get downtown.

And, of course, there are other people driving. Everybody's pretty flexible if it's not far out of their way. Just ask.

Once you are at the harbor, RATTY is on "O" dock, the first dock in the harbor -- not including the boats out on cans or "star docks". You'll need a gate code to get in. We don't give those out except to crew we know. Ratty is down towards the end, on the West side of "O" dock, slip O-22.


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