Who Teaches Boating Safety?

Who Teaches Boating Safety?

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Who Teaches Boating Safety?

  1. US Coast Guard Auxiliary
  2. Illinois Online Education for Authorization to Operate Vessels (Mandatory if Born After 1/1/1998 and >= 10 hp)
    1. Boat Ed
    2. Ace Boater
    3. Learn To Boat
    Illinois would accept a "certificate issued by" another state or the Coast Guard.

    ("A person over the age of 12 years who holds a valid certificate issued by another state, a province of the Dominion of Canada, the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary or the United States Power Squadron need not obtain a certificate from the Department if the course content of the program in such other state, province or organization substantially meets that established by the Department under this Section. A certificate issued by the Department or by another state, province of the Dominion of Canada or approved organization shall not constitute an operator's license, but shall certify only that the student has successfully passed a course in boating safety instruction." (625 ILCS 45/5-18))

  3. Chicago Maritime School
  4. Freedom Boat Club – Boat Class (Disclaimer: I teach at Freedom Boat Club)
  5. Boat Safe Chicago
  6. Boat US
  7. US Sailing
    1. Safety at Sea
      Primarily for sailors, a safety course for serious offshore and night conditions. If you are going to cross Lake Michigan at night, no matter what kind of boat, don't even think about doing it without this class.
    2. While mostly “learn to sail” or improving racing performance Powerboat Operation taught because racing sailors use powerboats to run races and provide safety backup and coaching for sailors
  8. American Sailing Association
  9. Storm Trysail Club
    Originated Safety at Sea
  10. Chicago Harbor Safety Committee Safe Boating Chicago
    1. Online Local Knowledge
    2. Quiz after
  11. Local Yacht Clubs Offering Programs
    • The yacht clubs can be different, ranging from a world class one, through all volunteer neighborhood clubs in most harbors.
    • Some are relatively expensive, some are quite affordable -- if it's all volunteer, there's no staff to pay.
    • Yet clubs of either type have recognized programs and have multiple national champions.
    • Safety programs at the yacht clubs are nearly always open to the public, sometimes free, and never more than a nominal cost.
    • These aren't "country clubs" (admittedly, I've never been a member of a country club and have never played golf) they all are interested in growing the boating community.
    • Chicago Yachting Association - Look at Calendar or Events
    1. “Downtown” Yacht Clubs (my characterization)
      1. Chicago Monroe Street and also Belmont
      2. ColumbiaThe Ship
      3. Burnham ParkThe Museum Campus, and Across from Soldier Field
    2. “Neighborhood” Yacht Clubs
      1. Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club Montrose Harbor
      2. Belmont
      3. Diversey
      4. Museum Shores 59th Street Harbor
      5. Southern Shore Jackson Park Inner Harbor
      6. Jackson Park Jackson Park Outer Harbor
  12. Boater Exam

    Canadian Corporation Fresh Air Educators, Inc.

  13. US Power Squadron (Power & Sail Squadron) Changed Name to America’s Boating Club, Appears to be Out of Business in Chicago, Look for Squadrons In Suburbs, Downstate, Nearby
  14. Social Media
    1. Chicago Boaters
    2. Corinthian University
    3. CYC Crew U
    4. Columbia Skipjacks
    5. Jackson Park Yacht Club">

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